Registration Information

Health care providers or organizations that wish to print multiple copies of Cancer Pain Can Be Relieved must first register with The Resource Center of Alliance of State Pain Initiatives (ASPI).

The purpose of registration is to allow the ASPI to track the scope of the booklet's dissemination. This information is vitally important to the ASPI's efforts to obtain funding to sustain its ability to keep this product freely available. Permission to reproduce this text is limited to its PDF form. Organizations may not reformat or excerpt the booklet's information. Permission is granted solely to the registering organization.

Select one:
 Download self-extracting file with PDF and instructions for reprinting booklet on 8 1/2 X 11 paper (file size = 400 KB)
 Download self-extracting file with PDF and instructions for reprinting as a folded 5 X 8 1/2 booklet (file size = 980 KB)
 Order multiple copies of booklet at 50 cents each plus shipping and handling
 Order CD ROM containing files for reprinting booklet ($5 plus shipping and handling)

Please note: you must complete a separate registration for each version that you choose to download


If you have not received your order after 10 business days, please give us a call at 608-262-0978
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