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No Longer Available 1/23/2014 - Building an Institutional Commitment to Pain Management: The Wisconsin Resource Manual, 2nd Edition

Please note that this item is no longer available for purchase. We are unable to take it off the Resource Center website that this time and are working to rectify the situation. We at The Resource Center apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. This practical resource will help you make high quality, cost-effective pain management a reality in your clinical setting, whether it is a hospital, home care agency, clinic, or long term care facility. This manual is based on the recommendations for institutional change set forth by the American Pain Society (APS) quality improvement guidelines. It provides a comprehensive plan as well as over 100 sample resource tools contributed by leaders in pain quality improvement around the country. You will find suggestions for getting started, a process to follow, and tools you can use and/or adapt to your needs. It includes a CD ROM with the Sample Resource Tools formatted in Microsoft Word® and a Pain Management Quality Improvement Microsoft Access® Database.

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