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Professional Pain Education

Pain Resource Nurse Program Curriculum & Planning Guide

This 700+ page guide which is available on CD and flashdrive, contains educational modules and tools in Word and PowerPoint formats.
It is designed to assist clinicians/educators in hospital settings to coordinate and implement a Pain Resource Nurse (PRN) Program.  It includes content on the prevalence and impact of pain; basic pain physiology; assessment of pain; pharmacological and non-pharmacological management; methods of drug delivery; treatment of acute, chronic and cancer pain; management of patients with substance abuse disorders; and the PRN Role. The Guide also proves an overview of the PRN Program concept, practical tips on how to coordinate, budget, and evaluate a PRN training course as well as information on how to support and engage the PRNs who are trained.

PRN Guide

Patient Dilema

Detecting Discomfort in Dementia: Focus on Behaviors

This video toolkit is designed to teach nursing assistants to identify the behaviors that cognitively impaired residents may show when they are in pain or discomfort, and to understand the ways they can help cognitively impaired residents get relief of their pain or discomfort.

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